About Us

We are a small, but high-performance company for production of water treatment plants for the industry and power houses. We are proficient in both modern and well-proven technologies. In addition to high expertise, our strengths lie in customer proximity, flexibility, short routes of communication and decision-making, as well as reasonable prices.

Especially in the fields of boiler feed water treatment, condensate treatment and cooling water treatment, we can rely on a high degree of experience and expert knowledge.

Our plants are sold on a national level as well as for world-wide export. In addition to operating companies, our clientele also includes many well-known resellers from the fields of power house-, steam boiler- and plant construction.

Our company was founded in 1999 by H.-Peter Karrasch and Dipl.-Ing. Otto Eckert.

For now 15 years, we have established ourselves very successfully on the market.
Bild: Filter vessels in front of our workshop. Flow capacity 50 m³/h, installed 2009 in King's Lynn, UK.

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